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4K TVs ‘doing unbelievably well’ claims retailer

Luke Johnson



Following the recent introduction of the first consumer available 4K televisions, retailer John Lewis has suggested that 4K TVs are ‘doing unbelievably well’.

Said to be exceeding early expectations, the retailer has told us that interest in the first 4K TVs has been much higher than anticipated, with the industry expected to grow dramatically over the coming months as more consumers are made aware of the latest TV technology.

4K is doing unbelievably well,” Jonathan Marsh, a Head Electricals Buyer at John Lewis said in a recent interview with TrustedReviews. He added: “Since we launched OLED, the interest in 4K UHD has increased as well.”

Suggesting that the 2014 World Cup could further boost the interest in 4K sets, with the powers that be at FIFA having recently confirmed that elements of the tournament will be recorded and broadcast in 4K, Marsh has hinted that he expects interest in 4K to continue to grow throughout the next 18 months.

“Interest in 4K will continue to grow as the trend grows this year,” he told us. “Next year you are really going to see 4K kick off as 4K TVs become a lot more affordable and you start to hit the sweet spot price points.”

The industry buyer added: “Different sized 4K TVs will be available too and you will probably see a 46-inch 4K TV come into play as well which will really help drive the market further.”

Although 4K is expected to be a driving force in future TV sales, the John Lewis representative has also highlighted Smart TV as the next must-have TV feature for many consumers.

“Smart is the new expectation consumers have when buying a TV,” Marsh said. “I don’t think John Lewis will be selling anything other than Smart TVs next year.”

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October 11, 2013, 11:29 am

When you expect to sell none and sell 1 thats a big % increase - these are "placeholders" for selling the technology strength of the brand to consumers who then pick cheaper models and the future "look out for us" message.


October 11, 2013, 12:58 pm

Who exactly is going to broadcast 4K signals? When? That's what I want to know and the answer better not be Japan.


October 11, 2013, 2:14 pm

I'm fed up of Smart TV functions. Its in everything you buy now. In one form or another Ive got in in my TV, my blu-ray, my PVR, my AMP, my games console, my PC / tablet / phone etc.
I only hope that a manufacturer produces a 4K TV that is nothing more than a screen!
No speakers, no Smart functions, no camera no need for network connection etc. I have plenty of boxes that handle all that already so why do I want to pay for it all over again?!
Please, somebody tell the manufacturers that!

(And I dont mean a projector because they have a whole set of other issues and arent ideal for many peoples home setups)

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