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4G contracts could become the norm within months suggests Phones 4u

Luke Johnson



With Vodafone and O2 launching their respective 4G networks today, specialist retailer Phones 4u has suggested that 4G contracts could become standard within a matter of months.

Despite currently requiring increased data and tariff fees, Phones 4u has predicted that with the right consumer education and prompt network rollouts the high-speed benefits of 4G could soon tempt the majority of new smartphone contract owners to make the move from 3G.

“It depends on the cycle of where people are in their contracts but I would think that if you got to the middle of next year and the rollout plans were all on schedule you would have high adoption across 4G,” Tom Shorten, Phones 4u’s Strategy and Customer Director said while speaking with TrustedReviews. “Whether that’s 30, 60, 70 per cent I don’t know but it depends how you look at it.”

“He added: “If you look at it in terms of the total base of the networks, it will take a lot longer but if you look at the leading edge of people taking on new contracts I think penetration of 4G will be high.”

Discussing the widespread introduction of the UK’s 4G services in more detail, he stated: “There will be an initial phase of education and then consumers will begin to say ‘this is really, really good, I understand the benefits, let’s go for it’.”

Despite EE having been the UK’s only 4G network provider for the better part of a year, today, August 29, has seen O2 and Vodafone jump onto the high-speed bandwagon.

Although playing catch-up, Shorten has suggested that neither network will have issues marking its ground on the 4G scene and both will quickly begin to match EE in terms of service.

“I don’t think they will struggle” the Phones 4u head said of the two 4G newcomers. “When and where O2 and Vodafone roll out will impact what sort of penetration they get but effectively I think that if you look at everyone’s offers in the market place, I think they are all looking very competitive.

He added: “It’s really interesting to see the content deals that are coming through to consumers. It is interesting to see the bandwidth of speed you get as well.”

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August 29, 2013, 6:20 pm

99% of my mobile use is within 20 miles of my house - when T-mobile, Orange and 3 can even get a 3G signal to my house I'll be happy, so no amount of "customer education" will excite me over 4G.

In what backwater do I live do I hear you ask - Northampton 5 minutes from Junction 15A of the M1.

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