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3rd-gen Nest Learning Thermostat hits Europe


Nest 3

Nest has brought its latest Learning Thermostat to Europe and the UK.

The Google-owned smart home equipment company launched its third generation Nest Learning Thermostat back on September 1, but it's only been available to buy in the US - until now.

Nest Labs today announced that the new Learning Thermostat is available in the UK, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Republic of Ireland.

As before, the new Nest device is a thermostat that essentially programs itself. It knows how long its takes to heat your home, and recognises when you're in and out of the house. It will then set the most efficient program according to this information, turning things down when the house is empty.

The main difference to previous Nest Learning Thermostat models, at least for European users, is hot water control. The new Nest can take control of hot water tanks in addition to central heating systems, allowing you to schedule when it operates from your smartphone or thermostat, as well as controlling the boost button.

Besides this, the new Nest Learning Thermostat sports a slimmer body and an improved display. The new Nest Learning Thermostat features a display that's 40 percent larger than the previous model. It's also sharper at 229 pixels per inch (ppi).

The purpose of this larger, sharper screen is to make the thermostat more visible across the room. To that end, the Learning Thermostat's movement sensor will detect movement from across the room, lighting the display up accordingly. Nest calls this feature "Farsight".

A revamped UI should also make monitoring the temperature of your home that little bit easier.

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Besides its revamped design, the new Nest Learning Thermostat has improved boiler support, delivering its slick brand of remote hot water control to OpenTherm heating systems.

Nest has also revealed that it is expanding its retail presence in Europe, adding thousands of locations at which you can purchase the new Learning Thermostat, as well as a bunch of new energy supplier partners. It's available from today for £199/€249.


November 17, 2015, 9:59 am

do people really use these after they get them installed? a single person will get virtually the same benefit from turning the thermostat down when leaving the house and turning it back up getting home (as houses with nest are also likely to warm up very fast anyway) - while families with several people out in different places at different times will not appreciate someone else altering the settings out of sync with their own movements. then there is the new hot water option.. if your tank is big enough (again, if you are buying nest you likely have a new system and a keep hot all day tank anyway) then you dont need to "warm it up" it is hot and stays hot. the thing is stupid

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