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3M MP180 is a Projector in You Pocket


3M MP180 is a Projector in You Pocket

3M has released two new pocket projectors that it said are its brightest and most powerful yet. The two new models output 30 lumens, which isn’t much for a regular projector but pretty good going for these miniature marvels of light.

The MP160 and MP180 both offer two hours of battery life and SVGA (800 x 600) resolution. The image is created by LED light which means no warm up time and a lamp of 20,000 hours.

The MP180 measures just 150mm x 65mm x 33mm and contains 4GB of memory, a microSD card slot and USB port – so you can project without even requiring a PC.

The MP160 is smaller at 150mm x 65mm x 30.5mm but you’ll need to plug in an external source such as laptop, like a regular projector.

We’ve not been bowled over by the performance of pocket projectors in the past, but with more oomph to them in the brightness and resolution stakes we hope to come away more impressed.

Unfortunately, pricing is not yet available but the 3M MP180 and MP160 will be available in the UK from late October.

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