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3DS Launching on 18 January

David Gilbert


3DS Launching on 18 January

While Nintendo is going to unveil its much anticipated glasses-free, 3D, portable gaming system in the Dutch capital next month, we Europeans won't be the only ones getting the goodness. Nintendo will be holding a simultaneous event in New York for our north American colleagues.

The 3DS was first announced in a somewhat bizarre (if typically Japanese) fashion last March. We then managed to get a look at, and were very impressed by, the 3DS at E3 last June. Since then all we’ve heard about it is that they are likely to be available in March 2011 in the UK. Today however Nintendo issued invites to its exclusive event on 19 January.

The event will likely see the price of the hand held device being announced, as well as an official launch date and the launch titles that will be available. The 3DS will ship in Japan on 26 February and will cost 25,000 Yen. This is currently around £190, but we’d expect it to cost closer to £250 when it arrives in Europe, in March 2011. The event will also of course give the invited media a chance to get some hands on time with the device for the first time.

So while Nintendo won’t be taking a booth at CES in Vegas next month, we will have just recovered from all the Vegas-style excitement when Nintendo hits us with 3D goodness. Bring it on we say.

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