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3D Sony Vaio Laptops Arriving Next Year


3D Sony Vaio Laptops Arriving Next Year

In what is an entirely unsurprising move, Sony has unveiled its first 3D capable laptop. Currently only in prototype stage, it uses a screen running at 240Hz that will work in sync with the same active shutter glasses as used on Sony's 3D TVs.

The model they had on show was using a current F Series chassis housing a 16:9 display that, frankly, looked absolutely stunning, most notably in the area of viewing angles and colour reproduction. The fact that it produced some very impressive 3D pictures as well was almost a secondary thought. Whether we can actually expect such a good quality panel to arrive in final production models is another matter, but we can only hope.

Pricing and availability were very vague but we'd expect to see a more finalised model come CES in January.

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September 25, 2010, 3:32 pm

Hey, Vaio in 3D. This should be good. I had seen the preview for 3D TV in India and must say that the effects were very impressive. Sony has just launched 3DTV, Blu ray player, Playstation games and software in India. I guess after Vaio, Sony will have a complete range of 3D offering for its tech products.

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