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30GB Zunes Failing In Sync & En Mass Across US

Gordon Kelly


30GB Zunes Failing In Sync & En Mass Across US

Seems that long overdue Zune European release isn't actually overdue at all...

Welcoming in the New Year with what first seemed a sure fire hoax and now just general madness are widespread reports that 30GB Zunes are suddenly failing all across America - and all at once!

The phenomena - which started on New Year's Eve at approximately 2am - apparently affects those running the latest firmware and who restart their players. A hard reset has managed to fix the problem for some, but at this stage it is unknown what caused it or why it has apparently happened in near synchronisation on the units (no their warranties hadn't just run out... at least so I'm told!).

Dubbed 'Y2K9' (ingenious!), the issue has yet to be addressed by Microsoft but given the new year hadn't actually kicked in when the bug arose it doesn't appear to be related to calendar oddness.

So yes, Zune firmware 3.0 is quite nice and yes, the MP3 player isn't actually as terrible as it is presumed by many over here, but then again there do seem to be a few bugs still floating around!?!

Now please form an orderly queue and leave your Zune jokes here...

Links to flooded message boards:




YouTube video illustrating issue

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