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3 Intros £2 a Day PAYG Mobile Broadband Offer


3 Intros £2 a Day PAYG Mobile Broadband Offer

Mobile network 3 has introduced a £2 a day mobile broadband Top-up offer. The networks said the deal would be perfect for those who mainly used their kit at home and only occasionally need to snack on mobile data when out and about.

You’ll need to already have bought a 3 PAYG mobile broadband dongle or iPad micro SIM, the cheapest deals being £19.99 for one month for the dongle or £7.50 for a microSIM, both with 1GB of data. After that, you can top up with the new £2 a day tariff, which will provide you with a reasonable 500MB of data, valid for that 24 hour period.

You can buy the Top-up online or purchase a voucher in a store. With the latter method any unused credit stays on the account, so for example, you could spend £10 for five Top-ups, and have it ready and waiting when you need it.

If you are an occasional mobile broadband user, it sounds pretty efficient and cost effective to us.

As a further sweetener, 3 is currently offering free access to Spotify Premium for three months, for those that sign up during October.

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