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3 First With 'Google Maps 2'

Gordon Kelly


3 First With 'Google Maps 2'

With the iPhone's native Google Maps application getting an impressive spruce-up with firmware 1.1.3 it seems others want in on the action.

Somewhat surprisingly leading the queue is mobile network 3, yes a telco not a handset maker, which has agreed a deal to bring 'version 2' of Google Maps to its range of phones.

Available only through a 3G network, the key differentiators in version 2 are that it will use the phone's connection (and GPS if available) to find your location while a revised layout gives detailed walking and/or driving instructions along with satellite views. Access to local business information and the precise kilobyte usage (displayed in the corner of the screen) are also in there too.

In related news that will surprise no one who has had leaking drains fixed/painting done in the last two years, 3 has also revealed that following the launch of its Skypephone Poland is the third most popular call destination from the UK, after the UK and US. Germany and France came forth and fifth respectively.

John Penberthy-Smith, 3's Marketing Director, said: "The 3 Skypephone means customers can now enjoy calling the world for free whilst on the move - and it certainly seems that Polish nationals in this country are among the first to take full advantage of it."

As the proud partner of a beautiful Polish lady I couldn't be happier ;)


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