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3 Deals In Comes With Music On Nokia N95

Gordon Kelly


3 Deals In Comes With Music On Nokia N95

Since it was announced in September that the Comes With Music UK launch would be the global debut for the service all has gone rather quiet with a number of networks said to be shy about the risks it poses to their own tentative music offerings. That is, except one...

Predictably it is yet again 3 which has leapt forward to embrace CWM with Reuters reporting that the progressive network will launch the service next month. Interestingly, unlike the mid-range pre-paid 5310 XpressMusic which hits shelves on 16 October, 3 will sell CMW with the far more powerful (and apt) choice of a Nokia N95 8GB. Subsidies, and plans for contract and/or pre-pay plans however are unknown at this stage.

So for those with short memories, what is CWM?

Essentially it is a DRM-controlled all-you-can-eat subscription music service that allows the user to download and listen to as much music from any of the Big Four record labels as they choose. Restrictions mean when the contract ends so does your right to download music and this music can only be accessed via your CMW Nokia handset and a single allocated PC. That said, you can renew your contract, update your handset and pick up from where you left off.

Yep, it's a tempting proposition - one which Sony Ericsson PlayNow Plus is already trying to copy rival. Should either prove particularly popular expect these models to be first of many...


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October 16, 2008, 1:06 am

Yes a very tempting proposition. More DRM infested music. Wonderful until you change your contract/phone and/or your single PC and suddenly all the music you've paid for - you cant play! Or they decide to switch off their authentication servers leaving the poor paying punter well and truly stuffed. I want to play music I've PAID for on any device I own when I want. Simple really.

Won't be going near this with a barge pole.


October 21, 2008, 12:18 pm

Well I may borrow your barge poll to pull it a bit closer to me!

I like music, but i am definatly not an audiophile as im currently happy with the sound quality of music from itunes and I think the ipod earphone buds work fine (sorry guys, thats really what I think) and in this case I like the idea of having a subscription service that at a reasonable price means that I can download and listen to whatever music takes my fancy at the time, because I fine my music tastes changes all the time and I end up with obsoltete music on my itunes that ill prob never listen to anymore!

Paying per track has always bothered me because it can cost so much and it doesnt really encourage you to try out new artists or music because your having to pay each time for it, with this model you can try whatever you want for no extra cost!

Well done Nokia, wonder if this will work on the original N95 or if its N95 8GB only...

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