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3 Dates & Prices Mobile WiFi Router

Gordon Kelly


3 Dates & Prices Mobile WiFi Router

Had your interest piqued by 3's rather novel Mobile WiFi router? Then here come the details...

3 has announced the router will be available via telesales and its three.co.uk website from 17 September with general store availability one day later on the 18th. 3 has also confirmed two price plans will be offered:

  • 'Broadband 5GB 1 month' - a one month contract which includes 5GB of data for £15pm. With this package the MiFi router costs £69.99.

  • A ‘Ready to Go' kit for £99.99 includes the MiFi router and 3GB worth of data which can be used over a 3 month period. After the data has been used, the modem moves to a pre-pay system
Yes, these aren't the most flexible of options (no 12/18 month deals?!), but it will at least get you up and running. Such packages could also prove popular Christmas gifts (I did indeed just reference Christmas? *slaps self*).

As for those needing a refresh on what Mobile WiFi actually does, it's very straightforward. Much like a home router distributes your broadband/cable connection around your home, Mobile WiFi is a portable battery powered router that connects to 3's 3G data service and creates a mini mobile wireless hotspot that your other devices can connect to.

For example, while you're reading a webpage on your laptop/netbook you can be downloading an album on your iPod touch. One data subscription, but multiple products benefiting from it. All devices connect by inputting a one-off eight digit network key.

It's certainly a novel and potentially very useful idea, but whether it will take off, who knows...?


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