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3 Brings TV on Demand to Mobile Customers

Gordon Kelly


3 Brings TV on Demand to Mobile Customers

Video on demand? Meh, it's TV on demand that we really want on our handsets...

The good news then is that 3 has announced an expansion of its on demand service to do just that. This breakthrough in giving-us-what-we-requested-all-along comes courtesy of some clever tech from Mobix Interactive, 3's newest friend.

The variety is pretty good too with the likes of South Park, Supernatural, Desperate Housewives, Lost, Friends, Big Band Theory and I'd rather tear my eyeballs out The Hills provided. Costs are reasonable at £5pm per month or £1.49 for a day's unlimited access and it may well be just the thing to get the UK's hitherto apathetic response to mobile TV moving.

"This platform gives us the ability to offer true on-demand TV, bringing one of the most popular types of internet service to our mobile customers," said 3 director of products and services Charlotte Blanchard. "The TV on Demand service will allow our customers to watch their favourite programmes when and where they want to."

3 already offers its customers the chance to subscribe to an array of video content, most notably live broadcasts of Sky Sports 1, 2 and 3, but this certainly rounds off the portfolio. With the Mobix agreement non-exclusive any success should see it expand fast.


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