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2nd Samsung Android Phone Official, O2 Upgrades Joggler

Gordon Kelly


2nd Samsung Android Phone Official, O2 Upgrades Joggler

We got a pretty gratuitous look at the Samsung Spica in flagranti last month, so much so I thought it was official at the time but no now it is...

Very little has changed from what we previously saw from Samsung's second major Android based smartphone but highlights include a turbo charged an 800MHz CPU, 3.2in 480 x 320 AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display, WiFi, GPS and HSDPA.

The Spica is the little brother of the i7500 Galaxy though so compromises are made with the 5MP camera replaced by a 3.2MP model with autofocus and onboard memory is a rather piffling 180MB (careful with those application installs). That said, practicalities include a 32GB compatible microSD slot, micro USB charging, Bluetooth 2.1, DivX codec support, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a sizeable 1,500mAh battery.

At 15 x 57 x 13.2mm the Spica is reasonably slim too and will get a global launch (Asia, Europe, Russian, Africa and the Middle East are confirmed so far). Carrier deals are unknown at this stage, notably whether O2 has managed to bag yet another exclusive, but pre-pay is said to be under £250.

Speaking of O2, it has used today to make an announcement of its own opening up the quirky Joggler. In a raft of changes PURE has teamed up with Joggler creator OpenPeak to bring web radio to the device while an SDK will soon be made available via O2 Litmus allowing developers to create third party apps. If this wasn't already enough the Joggler has also been given a whopping 50 per cent price cut resulting in a new and extremely tantalising £99.99 RRP.

We'd have to say this already TR Recommended product just became a must buy...


Spica via Mobile+Notebook

O2 Joggler

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