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2nd 12 Megapixel Samsung Phone Unveiled

Gordon Kelly


2nd 12 Megapixel Samsung Phone Unveiled

I have barely cooled down from my rant about the pointlessness of 12 megapixel cameraphones than Samsung has followed up the Pixon12 with yet another unnecessary double digiter...

The Samsung 'M8920' shows that underpowered over resolution-ed handsets are just the tip of the iceberg as it proves the desire for high file size/disproportionately low quality photography which cannot possibly be done justice by its underpowered lens is alive and well.

Little is known about the M8920 - other than its completely unnecessary megapixel rating - with this rear view image all we have seen and 3x optical zoom, Xenon flash, HSDPA, WiFi and GPS the other notable (if expected) highlights. Shots of the front remain unavailable at present but we hear a touchscreen display has made the line-up while onboard memory is said to be minimal with microSD providing the heavy hitting. Global network deals are set to bring the M8920 to a variety of networks around the globe within the next few months.

Is 12 megapixel the new eight? Sadly it seems so. Personally give me 3.2/5MP any day and decent image processing. The public at large will wise up eventually...


via Mobil.cz

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