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1TB Sky+HD Digibox Unveiled, SD Boxes Being Phased Out

Gordon Kelly


1TB Sky+HD Digibox Unveiled, SD Boxes Being Phased Out

Seems Sky is making a rather better fist of this week than Apple...

Following the announcement it will make its first ever 3D broadcast at the end of January, Sky has followed this up with news of an enlarged one terabyte Sky+HD box while plans are now afoot to phase out standard definition Sky+ digiboxes.

Little to say about the one terabyter other than its slightly reworked paint job and the fact that 1TB will store a whopping 240 hours of HD programming. That said, it should be pointed out the user won't get full control over all of this since Sky reserves 50 per cent of the space for its 'Sky Anytime' auto-record service which automatically analyses your viewing habits and tapes content you might find interesting.

Personally I'd say reserving 500GB is a little over the top for such a feature, but it is at least a better deal than 50 per cent cut existing 300GB Sky+HD digibox owners have to put up with. Sky+ digiboxes fair even worse, giving up half of their 160GB drives, though SD content uses much less space.

Sky will price the new 1TB box at £249 plus a £30 installation charge (rather unfairly £60 for existing customers). A £10pm fee is required to access Sky's 37 HD channels.

In related news Sky+ boxes are on their way out after Sky confirmed it will now offer its Sky+HD 300GB digibox as standard to new customers - whether they take out a £10pm HD subscription or not. This makes perfect sense since it gives both the customers and Sky itself an upgrade path to HD in future.

HD subscribers will get the Sky+HD box for free plus free installation, otherwise it will set you back £49 and £30 for installation which makes avoiding the £10pm HD charge rather pointless. Existing customers again don't fare so well at £99 for the box and £60 for installation. *sigh*

Still Sky is on the right track here as it pushes Britain towards a High Definition future - and consumers who bought their HDTV without ever combining it with an HD source (sadly, the vast majority) will suddenly realise what all the fuss is about...

Update: Sky has confirmed the 1TB Sky+HD digibox actually has a 1.5TB HDD inside so Anytime doesn't use up any of your allocated space. Good news all round.



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