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1Gbps Broadband Speeds Brought to... Bournemouth

Gordon Kelly


1Gbps Broadband Speeds Brought to... Bournemouth

Ever wanted to move to Bournemouth? You may want to after this...

Thinkbroadband reports that approximately 1,000 homes in the area which are part of the FibreCity Fibre to the Home (FTTH) project will soon be able to receive speeds of up to 1Gb/sec (1,000Mb/sec).

In all fairness, typical packages will be 25Mb/sec to 100Mb/sec (still not to be sniffed at) which the headline gigabit rate will be reserved for short bursts (you'd likely only ever need it for short bursts!). That said, prices will begin from just £9.99 for a 100Mb/sec connection with three fibre providers - Vispa, Velocity 1 and Fibreband - fighting over users' bandwidth.

"This announcement is just the start, as we expect additional providers, large and small, to come on to the portal over the course of the year," said Elford Thomas, CEO of i3 Group the umbrella corporation for FibreCity. "Now that service providers have a technology platform to support next generation services, I believe they will develop media rich applications that legacy copper networks simply cannot support."

Eligible households will receive details of all three providers' schemes shortly, but while waiting they can also be confident in knowing they have already secured my utmost jealousy.


via Thinkbroadband

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