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17,000:1 Contrast Ratios On New Samsung HDTVs

Gordon Kelly


17,000:1 Contrast Ratios On New Samsung HDTVs

The Samsung technology assault is just relentless. Earlier this week it updated it's T9 range of MP3 players for the third time inside a year and now – weeks after releasing jaw dropping prices for the 32in LE-32R87BD and 42in PS42Q97HDX - it has come up with these...

The LN40M92BD, LN46M92BD and LN52M92BD are the latest 40in, 46in and 52in additions to Samsung's already hugely impressive PAVV line-up of high end LCDs. Like most PAVVs they support 1080p (1920 x 1080) native resolutions and come with three HDMI inputs. Unlike other PAVVs however they feature incredible 17,000:1 contrast ratios.

Now, I know what the techie minded amongst you are thinking: "Contrast ratio figures mean nothing" and to an extent you are right. There is no standard for measuring it and Samsung – more than most it known to increase this figure through its own controversial method of measurement. That said when a figure this high is produced it has an effect because while many 4,000:1 rated Samsung screens are thought to be closer to an industry norm 1,500:1, scaling 17,000:1 down by the same proportion still produces a remarkable level.

Of course such highly specced sets will come at a premium (even though this is Samsung we're talking about) and the 40in, 46in and 52 inchers are priced at 3,200,000 won (about £1,741), 4,200,000 won (£2,285) and 5,400,000 won (£2,938) respectively in its native Korean market so a note of caution while we wait for their UK RRPs.

That said, they look absolutely divine.


Original Korean Press Release

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