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15Gbps WiFi Standard Developed

Gordon Kelly


15Gbps WiFi Standard Developed

While Wireless-N creeps ever slowly towards official ratification there have been some suggestions that its real world performance (around 50Mbit) still doesn't cut the mustard. Best we transfer our aspirations onto this then...

Researchers at the 'Georgia Electronic Design Center' (GEDC) have come up with '802.15.3C' - a remarkable wireless standard capable of making 15Gbps data transfers. Naturally, however there is a catch.

The catch is that performance drops off massively with distance. 15Gbps is achievable only if devices are located within a metre of one another, but stretching this to two metres causes performance to drop to 10Gbps while you'll only get 5Gbps at five metres. Another major issue at this stage is that the technology's ultra high frequency 60GHz band is unable to pass through human skin, so unless you've got direct line of sight between machines – or plan to work with a remote control Wii styley – you're in trouble.

That said, the standard – which will be called '802.15.3C' is potentially the largest step forward in wireless since wireless began and with the ability to transfer nearly five gigabytes of data in five seconds I'm thinking five years: multi-screen HD streaming and instant device synchronisation.

Wonderful. Another distant future technology to yearn for...


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