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1080p, Android, Creative Zii Smartphone Unveiled

Gordon Kelly


1080p, Android, Creative Zii Smartphone Unveiled

Creative spat out unprecedented levels of marketing rhetoric when it first announced the Zii processor, but could the exciting chip finally be getting put to good use?

Following on the from Zii's debut in the Android-based, multi-touch and Full HD capable Plaszma MP3 player, we at last get an Android-based, multi-touch and Full HD capable smartphone. Hello 21st century.

Built with the help of ZiiLabs, Creative has shown off the 'Trinity' - a reference smartphone design utilising a 1GHz Zii chip. The design is somewhat basic, but Creatives claims it can do everything the Plaszma offers as well as offering the choice of either Android or Creative's proprietary 'Plazma OS' as the operating platforms. Interested third parties will also be able to choose the amount of native memory (from zero to 32GB) and connectivity (including micro USB and HDMI).

Exciting as the Trinity is, I suspect we're unlikely to see it rebadged by manufacturers in its current state. That said, this is one heck of a good starting point. Could Zii now start to live up to Creative's slogans such as "Everything you know is about to change" and "the world is poised to experience a breakthrough that will better lives beyond our imagination". No, that's all advertising claptrap, but it may give the likes of Qualcomm, VIA and Intel something to think about...

In related news Nokia is to close down its flagship retail store on Regent Street. Situated virtually opposite Apple's minimalistic, glass mega branch the Finns say it simply hasn't proved profitable which was always likely to be the case. Sony Ericsson had previously learnt this expensive lesson when it paid a seven figure sum to close its flagship store on High Street Kensington.

Dear handset makers please realise we don't care about seeing one exclusive brand, mobile phones are things we want to compare and contrast. *Sigh*


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