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‘Glassgate’ Issue to Hit iPhone 4


‘Glassgate’ Issue to Hit iPhone 4

We’ve had ‘Antenngate’, and ‘MissingwhiteiPhonegate’ (no that doesn’t work) – but now Apple is facing another iPhone 4 related drama - ‘Glassgate’. While the iPhone 4 is undoubtedly a highly successful product for Apple, at the same time it seems to be afflicted with more than its fair share of issues.

Tech site GDGT claims that Apple is aware of an issue with third-party cases scratching the glass rear of the iPhone 4 – scratches that lead to fully fledged cracks. In response, Apple has blocked sales of all slide on cases until the matter can be resolved.

The issue is specifically with cases that slide onto the iPhone, rather than bumper style cases, as the former sometimes can cause matter to become trapped between the case and the rear of the phone, leading to the scratches. The issue was uncovered by GDGT’s Ryan Block, who claims to have sources in and outside of Apple confirming that Apple is aware of the issue – but no official statement has been forthcoming.

While the iPhone 4 is praised for its aesthetics, building the antenna into the metal exterior and this making it vulnerable to signal attenuation has been widely criticised – and now Apple could find itself in the firing line for choosing to cover both the front and the back of the iPhone 4 in glass.

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