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$1,000 Apple Tablet Unveiled In January, Landing In March?

Gordon Kelly


$1,000 Apple Tablet Unveiled In January, Landing In March?

Blind luck or does Apple have a great knack of undercutting CES each and every year?

We'll give it the benefit of the doubt this time, but as I scribble this from the Virgin Lounge at Heathrow (very nice indeed!), the Wall Street Journal has given me yet one more thing to do before I embark upon our flight to Vegas.

"Looking to build on the momentum of its iPhone and iPod, Apple Inc. will unveil a new multimedia tablet device later this month, but isn't planning to ship the product until March," said the WSJ in its exclusive. "While the device's ship date hasn't been finalized and could still change, people briefed on the matter said the new product will come with a 10 to 11-inch touch screen—which would make it closer in size to Apple's line of MacBook laptops than its smart phone."

Or, err, let me think... closer in size to the netbook and CULV markets it is aiming to take on!

We'll continue to go with the flow though, and the WSJ backs up a lot of what we've all been hearing: subscription based magazine and newspaper content (including the WSJ, I suspect), multi-touch interface, multimedia friendly and no doubt a UI attempt to combine the best aspects of iPhone OS and Mac OS X. One surprise does remain however and that is the cost with the paper claiming a hefty $1,000 RRP (£621). Any UK price will also likely carry a premium too, so would Apple really deliver a £699/£749 tablet which would potentially cut so close to its entry level MacBook line? Probably, it's Apple.

Again a 26/7 January launch date is being bandied around, so at least we should all be put out of misery soon. With the gems of CES long over by then and new netbooks, smartbooks and tablets no doubt flooded upon us it is certainly time Apple reverted to a year of revolution, not evolution.


via WSJ (subscription required for full article)

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