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New World NW601FP



New World NW601FP


Key Features

  • 62 litre capacity
  • Fan assisted oven
  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • Manufacturer: New World
  • Review Price: £230.00

New World NW601FP

The New World NW601FP is a built-in, single door electric oven with a great capacity and various cooking functions. At 62 litres, this is one of the larger single door electric ovens currently available. It’s ideal for slightly larger families that need that extra oven capacity, but don’t have the space or the inclination to buy a really massive cooker — it hits the middle ground nicely.

The oven is supplied with two shelves that can be slotted into five different positions, allowing for larger meals like roasts to fit easily. Two shelves also mean you can cook different things, like meat and potatoes, at the same time. The heat is provided through fan assistance. Fan assistance is much better for cooking than a conventional oven, as fan heating is good at spreading the heat evenly and quickly with very little need for pre-heating.

The single oven cavity also doubles up as a grill, which has variable temperature settings. The oven itself has three different programmable functions including a defrost option, although these settings can be quite difficult to master as the handbook is not particularly clear. Despite this, the LED panel is easy to read, as are the regular temperature dials. The oven itself looks great, and comes in eight different finishes.

Inside the oven is a light to make seeing the contents easier and the viewing windows in the door are easy to see through. The oven itself is very energy efficient, holding the highest rating of 'A', and the fan runs fairly quietly. The oven is also easy to install, not requiring an electrician to hardwire the appliance into the circuitry.

Overall, there is very little to fault with the New World NW601FP. With plenty of room inside and an even distribution of heat, this oven looks and works brilliantly.