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New World 600TSIDLM



New World 600TSIDLM


Key Features

  • Dual ovens
  • Cool Door technology
  • LED timer
  • Manufacturer: New World
  • Review Price: £400.00

New World 600TSIDLM

The gas fuelled New World 600TSIDLM has a double oven cavity with the bottom oven acting as a conventional option with two moveable shelves whilst the top option is a slightly smaller grill oven with only one shelf. Having the two ovens is useful for things like Sunday roasts when it’s necessary to cook the meat and the vegetables at different temperatures. Having the extra grill function also means you can experiment with a wider range of recipes and cooking techniques.

The shelves in the main oven can be placed in five variable height settings, and there’s also a selection of height option for the single shelf grill. The glass window in the main oven is Cool Glass, which means it reflects heat more easily, a feature that makes the setup safer than ovens with traditional glass doors as the heat remains inside with the outer panel proving cool to the touch. As an added bonus, the glass can also be removed completely so it’s much easier to clean, and a cleaner glass means you’re able to see the food as it’s cooking which is good for those who like to bake.

As there is a fold down glass cover on the New World 600TSIDLM you can use it as an extra surface for when you’re taking hot things out of the oven. The oven itself is very easy to use — the knobs are clear and understandable and there are no nasty surprises in terms of heat variance.

On the down side, the gas hobs take a while to catch and ignite, and a few of the burners are incredibly small — really they’re only suitable for egg pans. On top of this, the grill door has to be left open whilst grilling, which is irritating but pretty standard, and the handle on the grill pan is difficult to attach.

There is a clock and a timer on the New World 600TSIDLM with a clear display, but you need to plug it into the electric to use this. On the whole the New World 600TSIDLm is good value for money and an excellent no frills cooker.