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New World 50THLG



New World 50THLG


Key Features

  • Four gas burners
  • Easy clean enamel finish
  • Double glazed door
  • Manufacturer: New World
  • Review Price: £350.00

New World 50THLG

The New World 50THLG is a gas oven, with four gas burners on the hob. The conventional main oven has two stainless steel shelves that can be adjusted to five different levels, so if you have a big joint or a turkey that you need to cook, making sure you have enough room is a breeze. This space manipulating feature is also useful for when you’re baking and need to make sure that you have the cakes right in the centre of the oven.

With a high level Sola gas grill lining up alongside a grill-and-serve captive grill pan, experimenting with different cooking styles in easy and a welcome option. Whilst it is possible to vary the temperature of the grill, it’s not possible to vary the height of the grill shelf. Although it takes time to get used to the grill being at eye level, once accustomed to the location, not needing to bend down to check your food becomes a welcome feature.

The oven door is double glazed, which means that the outside doesn’t get as hot as the door on traditional ovens. A notable benefit of this is that the cooker is much safer for those with children as there is no risk of inquisitive fingers being burnt. On the flip-side, however, some of the New World 50THLG's body parts are unacceptably sharp, detracting from any added safety features and acting as a general cause for concern.

A handy storage compartment makes the New World 50THLG useful as well as a good appliance. It’s really easy to keep clean because the inside is covered in wipe-clean enamel. There are a few concerns over the safety of the New World 50THLG, though — the grid above the burners is really slippery so it’s easy for the pans to slide off, and the knobs get really hot when the oven is. Both of these are a recipe for burns, which is not what you want with an oven.