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Neff U15M42N0G



Neff U15M42N0G


Key Features

  • Dual ovens
  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • Cool Door technology
  • Manufacturer: Neff
  • Review Price: £650.00

Neff U15M42N0G

The Neff U15M42N0G is a very well-engineered oven with versatile cooking potential. This oven has two cavities, the top of which features a 30 litre capacity and doubles up as a grill, whilst the main oven is a generous 58 litres in size, meaning this is an ideal oven for large households that may have several items cooking at once.

The two compartments allow for two or more items to be cooked simultaneously at different temperatures, and the oven can cook conventionally or with fan assistance or a combination of both. This flexibility makes the Neff U15M42N0G great for cooking pizzas, large roasts and other troublesome meals or meals where you need lots and lots of oven space to get everything cooking at the same time.

The grill in the top heats up quickly and has several variable settings too. The oven comes with plenty of adjustable shelves and a full grill pan with wire rack. The Neff U15M42N0G also features a programmable timer with the option to automatically set the oven to turn on and off at set times, which is very useful for people who do not have the time to check on their food constantly. The U15M42N0G is fairly energy efficient, with the top oven having a B rating and the main oven rated as A, and the doors are heat resistant, keeping the heat in and preventing the glass from getting too hot.

The only slight issue with this oven is that it seems to be quite tough to clean. Despite being built with enamel internal walls, only the back has a catalytic liner, meaning the side walls and doors will need a good scrubbing, but the shelves are easily removable, making the job a little easier. Besides this issue, the Neff U15M42N0G is a fantastic oven that is easy to install and easy to use.