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Neff U14M62



Neff U14M62


Key Features

  • Fan assisted oven
  • Easy clean enamel finish
  • Top oven doubles as a grill
  • Manufacturer: Neff
  • Review Price: £770.00

Neff U14M62

The Neff U14M62 is intuitively designed to provide the right type of heat for all manner of different meals, making it a very versatile oven. A built-in double oven, the Neff U14M62’s bottom oven is particularly large with various heights for shelves, whilst the top oven is narrower but doubles up as a grill. The electric heat produced is fan assisted for an even circulation, and the ovens both heat up quickly without need for pre-heating, although the grill could be quicker to get hot.

The beauty of this oven comes in the various ways it can heat food. There are options to supply heat from the bottom of the oven, or the top, or to circulate the heat, each of which applies well to particular dishes, (for instance, the bottom heating option is ideal for pizzas) and is explained clearly in the instruction manual. The controls for these settings are simple, and the regular dials for temperature controls are large and easy to set.

Designed for easy cleaning, the Neff U14M62 features catalytic liners on the inside walls and an enamel finish to make spills easy to wipe up. The outside is brushed steel, which means marks will occur more frequently, but the buttons are retractable and the handles are smooth, which makes cleaning the outside simple too. It is also worth mentioning that, despite the oven being electric; it is energy efficient meaning bills should not be too high. The only issues with this oven are that it does get hot on the front, which can be dangerous for young children and the elderly, and the grill pan does not have a handle.

Overall, this is brilliant oven with a lot of handy features which should save you time in the kitchen and provide you with well cooked meals.