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Neff C57M70N0GB



Neff C57M70N0GB


Key Features

  • 1000W microwave cooking power
  • Quartz grill
  • 15 automatic cooking programmes
  • Manufacturer: Neff
  • Review Price: £699.00

Neff C57M70N0GB

A very substantial machine coming in at H45.4 x W59.5 x D56.3cms and with its drop-down door the Neff C57M70N0GB looks more like a traditional gas or electric oven than a microwave – an effect that is heightened by the row of push buttons along the top of the door. It is in fact a combination oven with a 1000W microwave oven and a quartz grill – the two technologies can be used together in one of 15 automatic cooking programmes.

All cooking modes are fan assisted and they include such sophisticated functions as “CircoRoasting” in which the grill element cycles on and off while the fan distributes the heat generated. This delivers a reduction in cooking times of up to 40 per cent. There is also a rapid heat function designed to get the food up to the required temperature as quickly as possible, and the ‘Centre Surface Grill’ in which only the central area of the grill gets hot – a power saving feature when grilling smaller quantities.

The cavity has a capacity of 36 litres (1.27 cubic foot), which will handle a medium-to-large piece of poultry. On top of this, 15 programs and five power settings provide all the flexibility one could need, although a puzzling omission is the absence of an auto-weigh function. There is no turntable as the oven utilises ‘microwave stirrer’ technology. It does, however, come with a full-width enamel tray and a four-position wire shelf.

This is a top-end combination microwave oven with capacity and power to spare and it performs beautifully. The only real drawback is the price.