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NEC MultiSync EX231W
NEC MultiSync EX231W

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  • NEC MultiSync EX231W
  • NEC MultiSync EX231W
  • NEC MultiSync EX231W
  • NEC MultiSync EX231W 23 Ultra Thin/Light LED-Backlit LCD Monitor - Adjustable with DisplayPort


January 4, 2011, 3:51 pm

That thing looks really svelte, especially with the thin bezel. It's a shame it's just another 1920x1080 monitor though, I could really do with a 24" version to justify the jump from my 16:10 22".


January 4, 2011, 10:04 pm

Quote first page title: "NEC MultiSync EX231W - 23in monitor review Review"

Hmmm new venture for TR then? - Reviewing reviews :P


January 6, 2011, 12:42 am

"- however, we still hanker over that missing 120 pixels"

That statement sums up the thing thats wrong with monitors these days. Full HD is no use for real computer work, those extra 120 pixels make a huge difference. In fact for 23/24" monitors the resolution should be 1920 * 1440 the good old 4 * 3 resolution. Almost all computer type work needs the vertical resolution (but not a portrait monitor). I am using a 24" 1920 * 1200 and 21" 1600 * 1200 which works fine but sometimes I really wish the 24" was a 4x3.

Trusted Reviews and the computer press need to campaign to stop Full HD being used for serious computers.


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