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Motorola RAZR i review - Calling, Contacts and Browser

By Edward Chester



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Motorola RAZR i - Calling, Contacts and Browser

The Motorola RAZR i offers a great all round experience when it comes to the standard phone duties.

For calling, as you'd expect for a handset of its price the RAZR i has a noise-cancelling microphone so produces clear audio for the person listening to you, while the earpiece offers good clarity too. Volume is also plentiful through both the earpiece, though the loudspeaker isn't all that great with a fairly weak tone if ample loudness.

Signal pick up varies greatly given your location and service provider but in and around London and on O2 is seemed very good with us not losing signal anywhere we wouldn't expect to.

Motorola RAZR i

It's also easy to find the person you want to call thanks to an easy to use Contacts interface. As you'd expect of a modern phone, you can import contacts from Facebook as well as your online email accounts, so you can be up and running in minutes. Once imported it's easy to find people thanks to their imported pictures, even if some of the pics are rather pixellated.

The dialler also matches names and numbers as you type, making it super quick to get to the person you want. This is a feature still frustratingly absent from the iPhone range and the new Windows Phone 8 operating system too.

Motorola RAZR i Motorola RAZR i

When it comes to messaging, the Motorola RAZR i also performs admirably, and in fact this is one area where that large screen really comes into its own. Having the extra width of a 4.3in display yet having a modest sized phone means it's really easy to reach the full extent of the keyboard and hit the onscreen keys accurately.

As for the way messages are displayed, as we've come to expect of modern phones, you've a clean and clear SMS interface where messages are arranged into neat conversations. Easy and indeed peasy.

Motorola RAZR i

We're not quite so keen on the email interface as the email list feels a little cluttered and the small font is a little cramped on that Pentile screen, but it's otherwise really easy to use.

When it comes to calendars, Google now offers two options with the inbuilt Android calendar app as well as a specific Google Calendar app that offers more control over some of the specifics of the company's in-house online calendar. Both offer a very similar look and feel though, which is largely easy to get to grips with.

Motorola RAZR i Motorola RAZR i

One area where this phone's fast processor really comes into its own is with web browsing. Web pages render incredibly fast, making even the most graphically rich websites quick to load and easy to navigate.

However, perhaps the one key area where this would be of particular advantage, there's a problem. Famously Android has long supported Flash content on websites, allowing you to watch embedded videos or play flash games for instance – it's been one of Android's fillips against the iPhone. However Flash doesn't work on this phone. Now, Google has actually stopped support for Flash in the latest 4.1 Jelly Bean version of Android and Flash is steadily being replaced by HTML5 but nonetheless, there's till plenty of content out there that you now won't be able to view on this handset.

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November 10, 2012, 12:43 am

Well, I just wonder about the video capability of this phone and about the review. Saying that up to 720 video would play on a 2 GHz processor phone really doesn't tell much. Did you try 1080 video files, did you try different file formats? That would be helpful, thanks!


November 11, 2012, 3:45 am

I have had this device for just over a month now and I have to say I am very impressed with it.

The "quirks" in the design, such as the slightly raised casework around the glass make perfect sense when you use it. However, the design trim around the camera does look pretty naff. But I don't spend that much time looking at the back of the phone. Overall I like the design and the fact its hardly any difference in size to the Nexus one I owned before, yet the screen size is 4.3" - excellent. The trend for ever larger phones is lost on me, this is big enough thank you.

Good points:- It is very slick in operation. The phone has never crashed in the time I have owned it. Battery operation is 1 day comfortably with normal use, but intensive use, such as several hours on games or facebook will get you reaching for the charger within a day - but at least you do have to try. Nexus one would routinely torch the battery in 12-16 hours on normal use. SD card slot, major bonus! The screen is bright and, while not a "retina" display, it's clear and easy to read.

Bad points:- You can't use BBC iPlayer because the BBC media player app does not install. SD card only accepts up to 32Gb. Camera is not the best in low light, colours lack saturation and accuracy. All apps store on the phone memory, there is no option to move to the SD card, but at least there's 5Gb of storage on board to use. I wonder how well this phone will be supported for android updates, something Motorola have been very slack with in the past.

Overall I am very happy with my choice and even happier that it is not Apple or Samsung.

To answer the question above the phone records and plays back at 1080, so video files of this size should be OK.


November 11, 2012, 6:19 am

Readily available for £250 - where from? Seems to be about £330 every where I have checked?

Having had this phone since a few days after launch replacing my rather old HTC Desire. I have to say on the whole I am very pleased with it so far - the battery life is good but it does seems to run down a bit quicker than other phones when running cpu intensive tasks like playing games - this is probably due to the intel chip. What is really a surprise is how few things I can find that don't work on the intel chip (Probably have the Orange San Diego to thank for that) all the apps I wanted have worked fine. Web browsing is really good on this phone the new chrome browser works really quickly much more pleasing to use than on my last phone. Another concern is when will Jelly Bean come out for this? Motorola have already updated some of there other phone launched at the same time as this so think there may be some delay again down to the different architecture. This may also slow down development of alternative roms from the likes of XDA-Developers in the future as well.

Other minor gripes are the instant shutter button which seems nice at first has taken hundreds of photos of the inside of my pocket! (Thankfully this can be turned off so it doesn't work when locked).
The weird way it mounts as storage on windows machines - you don't need the Motorola software but if you don't you have to eject a virtual CD before it mounts the internal and external storage and often I have to switch it to camera mode quickly then back to MTS mode to get it show up!

@nrostoks - It plays back all the media I have tried using MX player upto 1920 x 1080 video in MKV and MP4 containers with AVC video (upto L4.0) and AAC audio - and no stutters uses about 65% cpu according to MX player to play 1080p with stereo audio.

Никита Яшнов

June 5, 2013, 5:32 pm

Can anyone help me, where noise cancellation turning on on this phone? And is there any noise cancellation at all?

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