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Morphy Richards Comfigrip 40737



Morphy Richards Comfigrip 40737


Key Features

  • Ceramic plate
  • Limescale prevention technology
  • Cushioned handle
  • Manufacturer: Morphy Richards
  • Review Price: £29.00

Morphy Richards Comfigrip 40737

As the name would suggest, the Morphy Richards Comfigrip 40737 Iron is comfortable to use, and powerful enough to make ironing short work.

The Comfigrip 40737 is a steam iron with a decent amount of power, more than enough to press through annoying creases in most fabrics. The sole plate is ceramic and glides easily, and the steam power is generous. The steam shot that can be produced is good, and will tackle dense garments and larger items like curtains quickly, although the curtains cannot be done in situ, as the steam function only works horizontally on this model.

The iron is easy to clean, and has limescale prevention technology, keeping the steam flow even and preventing the iron from breaking down. The water tank has a decent capacity, and is illuminated when the iron is on; making it easy to see how much water you have left. The iron also features an alarm which goes off if the iron is left unattended for a certain period of time.

The most important feature, as it is in the name, is the comfortable handle. Often overlooked by competing companies, Morphy Richards has designed the handle to cushion your hand whilst pressing down, making the chore of ironing less straining, and this seems to work well. The cord is also very long, which makes the iron easy to manoeuvre.

Unfortunately, this iron does eat up water quite quickly, and the iron itself is fairly heavy when the tank is filled. It is also disappointing to see that Morphy Richards opted for an alarm rather than the automatic shut off when the iron is left unattended - a lot of modern irons come with this option. However, for the price this iron is retailing for, the power and features it does have are very impressive, and the iron itself works brilliantly.