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Morphy Richards 43541-43542 Brita



Morphy Richards 43541 - 43542 Brita


Key Features

  • 1.5 litre capacity
  • Brita filtered water
  • 360 degree base
  • Manufacturer: Morphy Richards
  • Review Price: £32.00

Morphy Richards 43541-43542 Brita

The Morphy Richards 43541-43542 Brita kettle looks really good, updating the classic kettle shape with bold colours and smooth lines, helping the device fit right in any modern kitchen.

Whilst a large window on one side gives a clear look into the kettle so it is clear how much water is left inside, the transparent panel is also a huge contributor to the Morphy Richards 43541-43542 Brita’s lovely overall look. When the kettle is turned on a light makes the inside of the kettle glow, and you can see this through the display window.

As the Morphy Richards 43541-43542 Brita is a Brita kettle, you get the fantastic taste of Brita filtered water. This makes the hot drinks made by the appliance taste great, but it’s also good if you’re in, say, a hard water area and you need it filtered so you don’t get problems with lime scale.

The filter cartridges are expensive, though, and they need changing frequently, especially if you’re in an area with particularly hard water. The filter also makes filling the kettle frustrating because the water takes a while to seep through to the main part of the kettle.

The Morphy Richards 43541-43542 Brita has a 1.5 litre capacity, which is a bit smaller than most other kettles but it is the price you pay for having a kettle with a filter. It’s cordless, which is nice and convenient, and has a 360 degree base that makes popping the kettle on the base a piece of cake. It also has boiling dry protection so there’s no danger of damaging the kettle if it’s turned on with no water in.

It takes a little while to boil, though, so if you’re impatient another model might be better.