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Latest monitor reviews to help you find the best monitor for your needs. Read unbiased, independent reviews of the best LCD, TFT flat panel computer monitors from the experts at TrustedReviews and from people who have bought and used them.

  1. Samsung S24C650

    Samsung S24C650

    An almost perfect office and home office monitor

  2. LG 27MT93

    LG 27MT93

    A very accomplished TV and PC monitor hybrid that's perfect for bedrooms and kitchens

  3. LG 29EA93

    LG 29EA93

    Should your next monitor be a 21:9 aspect one?

  4. BenQ GW2760HS

    BenQ GW2760HS

    BenQ promises its flicker-free 27-inch monitor will save you from eye-strain.

  5. Samsung S27C750P

    Samsung S27C750P

    You won't find a better looking 27-inch monitor...and it pivots.

  6. AOC d2757Ph

    AOC d2757Ph

    At £250, this stylish 27-inch 3D IPS monitor is a fantastic bargain.

  7. Dell S2740L

    Dell S2740L

    A stylish 27-inch monitor with a Full HD IPS panel for under £300.

  8. Samsung Series 7 SC770
  9. LG ET83 Touch 10
  10. ViewSonic VP2770-LED
  11. ViewSonic VSD220 Smart Display

    ViewSonic VSD220 Smart Display

    A monitor that runs Android, making it an ultra-affordable all-in-one computer.

  12. BenQ GW2250HM

    BenQ GW2250HM

    This 22-inch, Full HD VA-panel monitor for under £100 is a veritable bargain.

  13. Samsung Series 9 S27B970D

    Samsung Series 9 S27B970D

    A gorgeous 27-inch, colour-calibrated designer monitor with a 10-bit, 2560 x 1440 PLS panel.

  14. E2251FWU 1

    AOC E2251FWU 22in USB Monitor

    A USB powered 22in Full HD monitor. Smart, yes. Practical? We're not so sure.

  15. ViewSonic VX2460h-LED

    ViewSonic VX2460h-LED

    Does the world's thinnest monitor sacrifice substance for style?