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Latest Monitor reviews for Under £200.

  1. ViewSonic VX2336s-LED

    ViewSonic VX2336s-LED

    The cheapest 23in Full HD IPS monitor we’ve ever reviewed is also one of the best.

  2. Philips Blade 2

    Philips Blade 2

    A nicely designed 23in IPS monitor with good connectivity and decent image quality.

  3. AOC i2353Fh 23in IPS LED Monitor

    AOC i2353Fh 23in IPS LED Monitor

    The world's thinnest IPS monitor also has a budget price. Can this be the best of both worlds?

  4. BenQ RL2240H 4

    BenQ RL2240H

    The very first monitor designed for real time strategy games - can it command and conquer the budget screen space?

  5. Viewsonic VX2453mh-LED

    Viewsonic VX2453mh-LED

    A sub-£150 monitor that's as at home with an Xbox 360 as a PC.

  6. BenQ EW2430

    BenQ EW2430

    A 24in PVA monitor with good image quality and generous connectivity, this new LED-backlit BenQ is one of the bargains of the year.

  7. Samsung SyncMaster B2230HD

    Samsung SyncMaster B2230HD

    With decent connectivity and media playback from USB, is this Full HD 22in TV/monitor the hybrid you've been looking for?

  8. BenQ VW2420H front

    BenQ VW2420H

    BenQ teams with AU Optronics to produce a high-quality, VA-based LED monitor at an astounding price.

  9. ViewSonic VX2250wm

    ViewSonic VX2250wm

    This slim LED-backlit 22in monitor offers integrated speakers, a Full HD resolution and decent image quality.

  10. AOC F22s+

    AOC F22s+

    We check out the cheapest Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) 21.5in LCD monitor ever to pass through our office.

  11. BenQ V2410T

    BenQ V2410T

    With its Full HD resolution, rugged build and excellent ergonomics, this 24in LED-backlit monitor is our favourite budget business display.

  12. Samsung SyncMaster BX2240

    Samsung SyncMaster BX2240

    This frugal 21.5in LED backlit monitor has a fully-adjustable, pivoting stand and a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, making it an ideal office candidate.

  13. Iiyama ProLite E2472HD

    Iiyama ProLite E2472HD

    Iiyama's latest is a frugal, 24in LED backlit model that's exceedingly slim and has a 1080p native resolution.

  14. BenQ V2220 - 21.5in Ultra-Slim Monitor

    BenQ V2220 - 21.5in Ultra-Slim Monitor

    We review what BenQ claims to be the slimmest LED-backlit monitor in the world.

  15. Samsung SyncMaster LD220HD - 22in HDTV Monitor

    Samsung SyncMaster LD220HD - 22in HDTV Monitor

    This 22in, 1080p HDTV and Monitor combo looks a bargain at £200.