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Latest Monitor reviews for Over £850.

  1. Dell 3400MP Projector

    Dell 3400MP Projector

    Can't decide between performance and portability for your next projector? Dell's 3400MP helps makes the decision easier.

  2. NEC MultiSync LCD4610 - 46in Public Display

    NEC MultiSync LCD4610 - 46in Public Display

    If you’re after a 46in LCD with a great picture and some fine energy-saving features (and you’ve got the cash) then why not hang the LCD4610 in your foyer.

  3. Eizo ColorEdge CG220

    Eizo ColorEdge CG220

    The humble CRT monitor takes another body blow as Eizo continues the quest for the ultimate wide colour gamut LCD by unleashing this 22.2in beast.

  4. EV.M0307.001 81 cm 32" LCD TV (170° / 170° - 1366 x 768 - Surround)

    Acer AT3201W - 32in Widescreen LCD TV

    Acer's recent 26in LCD TV impressed us. Can it do the same with its high definition ready 32in display?

  5. InFocus LP-120

    InFocus LP-120

    The InFocus LP-120 is the smallest projector that Jon Bray has ever seen. What's more, the optional module enables presentations to be made free from the tyranny of wires.

  6. Toshiba TDP-SW20 - Wireless DLP Projector

    Toshiba TDP-SW20 - Wireless DLP Projector

    Toshiba thinks that presentations should be sent wirelessly from notebook to projector, but does the reality live up to the ideal?

  7. Sharp LL-151-3D - 3D LCD Monitor

    Sharp LL-151-3D - 3D LCD Monitor

    Sharp is pushing the display boundaries with it's latest flat panel monitor. If you want to view 3D images, but don't want to wear silly glasses, this is the screen for you.

  8. Dell W2600 - 26in LCD TV

    Dell W2600 - 26in LCD TV

    About a year ago Dell surprised us by producing a first rate LCD TV. Now it's gone one better and produced the best LCD TV we've ever seen.

  9. MultiSync LCD1980FXi 48.3 cm 19" LCD Monitor 1280 x 1024 @ 60 Hz - 0.294 mm - Black Black

    NEC SpectraView 1980 - 19in TFT monitor

    If a 19in monitor is what you want and your life revolves around colour critical applications, this SpectraView LCD should be on your shortlist.