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The Mio Spirit 685's near-£100 price makes it an unique proposition. But the 687 doesn't have such a notable speciality. Although you do get a reasonable range of extras for the £50 surcharge, the £149.99 SRP places the 687 somewhere between the 685 and TomTom's GO LIVE 825, which has much more sophisticated traffic and mobile data services, or Garmin's nuvi 2460LT, which offers a better screen and the best voice control in the business. So whilst Mio's Spirit 685 is a shoe-in if you just have around £100 to spend on a sat-nav, the 687 will have you yearning for a little more funds to step up to the next level. Our advice would be to let that yearning guide your decision.

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July 7, 2011, 2:12 am

I just received my Mio 687. It DOES have full postcode search. At least mine does.


September 18, 2011, 3:07 am

My Navman 575 has full postcode search, despite the TR review elsewhere, and so did the 685 that I saw in PC World. I think they all do now. The resolution of the screen is fine though daftly, the TMC car charger lead has the cable cutting into the slot for the bracket to mount it on the dashboard.

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