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The Mio Navman M400 is no feature-rich powerhouse. In fact, apart from the free search facilities for addresses and POIs, it's actually a bit behind some of its competitors in this respect. But then there's the price. We were particularly impressed by Navigon's 1210 for providing adequate features alongside full Western European maps for under £100. But the M400 offers the latter with a better interface and a 4.3in widescreen for similar money. So if you're after a functional budget sat-nav for European travel, or even just everyday use, the M400 is a bargain.

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November 16, 2009, 1:33 am

hmmmm i have a navman s50 3d and would not recommend it as its mapping leaves a lot to be desired - crazy routes with no logic - example i have it set for fastest routes and on a route it i know it was suggestinga aroute 20 miles and 10 minutes longer than the one i took - it gave me this information 100m after i did not ake its original suggested route.

i only use it very occasionaly - should have taken it straight back shortly after i bought it.

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