Miele S5281



Miele S5281


Key Features

  • 4.5 litre capacity
  • HEPA filter
  • Ten metre cable
  • Manufacturer: Miele
  • Review Price: £270.00

Miele S5281

The Miele S5281 is extremely easy to use, but with 2200 watts it’s also extremely powerful whilst its neat sledge shape makes it appealing on the eye, and because it’s so small and compact it’s easy to store. The S5281 is in fact so powerful and features such strong suction that sometimes pushing it around can be difficult.

It is possible to adjust the suction power for different floors, though, meaning you get perfect suction whether you’re cleaning carpet or wooden floor. There’s a turbine brush that is good for getting up tough, ground in dirt and a hard floor brush that’s ideally suited to non-carpeted floors such as tiles, laminate or wood.

There are three tools that make cleaning lots of different surfaces and different places easy. The upholstery nozzle is perfect for cleaning things such as sofas, armchairs, mattresses and cushions, the dusting brush, with an adjustable swivelling head, will clean skirting boards, ornaments and ornately carved places such as fireplaces whilst, finally, the crevice nozzle can get dust out of folds, nooks and crannies. There’s also a floorhead that’s good for getting out pet hair. Whilst this is great, it is a bit bothersome changing the floorheads and brushes.

Although the Miele S5281 has a 4.5 litre capacity, a great feature in terms of meaning you don’t have to change the bag so often, it can make the device very heavy. The dust goes into the specially designed HyClean dustbags, which are reaching new heights of filtration, dust-absorption and hygiene. The HEPA filter is also extremely hygienic as it prevents particles of dust, pet hair and pollen escaping the cleaner once they’ve been sucked up, which is good for those who suffer from allergies.

With a 10m cable, you shouldn’t need to unplug and plug the Miele S5281 in that much. Although it’s expensive, it’s a very good cleaner and so it could be argued that it justifies the price tag.