Miele S5211



Miele S5211


Key Features

  • 4.5 litre capacity
  • 2200W of power
  • HEPA filter
  • Manufacturer: Miele
  • Review Price: £199.00

Miele S5211

The compact Miele S5211 has a cylinder design that makes it easy to squeeze into a small cupboard or into a little corner in a small flat. Even though it’s small it’s still powerful and spacious — it has a 2200 watt motor and a fantastic 4.5 litre capacity that will stop you from having to nip out to the bin every five seconds to empty it.

All of this power and clout can be used via the medium of the Miele S5211 toys and gadgets. It has several different floorheads to make cleaning on different surfaces easier and then three accessories that fit on the body of the cleaner. The crevice nozzle can get into all the awkward tiny spaces in your home, the upholstery nozzle is good for sofas, cushions and mattresses but the dusting brush is perfect for cleaning delicate, ornate items.

Although it doesn’t have a HEPA filter it is fitted with a special super air clean filter that is designed specifically to trap dust particles and stop them escaping. The HyClean dustbags used by the Miele S5211 are also cleverly designed — they’re so good at filtering and dust-absorption that they’re the height of hygiene.

The cable for the Miele S5211 is 10 metres long, so you won’t have to keep swopping from plug to plug whilst cleaning, and it can be rewound with the automatic rewind function. The extendable metallic hose has two 360 swivel joints and you can adjust the power level for different floors.

The Miele S5211 has powerful suction as a rule, though, which makes for great cleaning. Even with all this power it’s still very quiet, so you haven’t got to worry about running up huge electricity bills. It’s also very easy to handle — although as the pole is quite short it might be awkward to use if you’re tall.