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Latest Microwave reviews to help you find the latest microwaves currently on the market. Check out all the latest microwaves to suit your needs and budget without comprimising on quality. Have peace of mind by reading our unbiased, independent reviews from the experts at TrustedReviews and from people who have bought and used them.

  1. Samsung ME89F-1SS

    Samsung ME89F-1SS

    With a 23 litre capacity, the Samsung ME89F-1SS microwave feature 800W of cooking power and inbuilt deodorisers.

  2. Belling CTS211

    Belling CTS211

    The Belling CTS211 microwave turn combination oven pairs 800W of microwave cooking power with a 1200W quartz grill.

  3. Neff C57M70N0GB

    Neff C57M70N0GB

    The Neff C57M70N0GB is a powerhouse of the microwave market with 1000W of cooking power further bolstered by a quartz grill element.

  4. Panasonic NNST479

    Panasonic NNST479

    The Panasonic NNST479 stainless-steel microwave plays host to 900W of cooking power and a 27 litre capacity.

  5. Kenwood K25MSS11

    Kenwood K25MSS11

    The Kenwood K25MSS11 microwave oven sees 900W of microwave cooking power pair up with a hearty 25 litre capacity.

  6. Essentials C17MW10

    Essentials C17MW10

    A budget machine, the Essentials C17MW10 microwave features 700W of cooking power and a slightly limited 17 litre capacity.

  7. Daewoo SKOC9Q1TSL

    Daewoo SKOC9Q1TSL

    The Daewoo SKOC9Q1TSL microwave oven features an impressive 28 litre capacity alongside 900W of cooking power.

  8. Panasonic NN-E281MMBPQ

    Panasonic NN-E281MMBPQ

    An entry-level microwave, the Panasonic NN-E281MMBPQ features a 20 litre capacity and 800W of cooking power.

  9. Panasonic NN-CT559WBPQ

    Panasonic NN-CT559WBPQ

    With 13 cooking programs the Panasonic NN-CT559WBPQ is a powerful microwave with 1000W of cooking power and a 27 litre capacity.

  10. Sharp R270KM

    Sharp R270KM

    A strong basic microwave, the Sharp R270KM features 800W of cooking power alongside ten impressive power settings.

  11. Whirlpool Max 35

    Whirlpool Max 35

    Hosting 700W of cooking power the Whirlpool Max 35 makes up for a meagre 13 litre capacity with five power settings and a quartz grill.

  12. Samsung MW76N-B/XEU

    Samsung MW76N-B/XEU

    The Samsung MW76N-B/XEU microwave oven features 800W of cooking power and a 20 litre capacity inside a compact 14kg form.

  13. Sharp R959SLMA

    Sharp R959SLMA

    The Sharp R959SLMA microwave oven boasts 900W of cooking power for its 40 litre capacity as well as an additional Quartz grill.