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Microsoft reckons the Surface Book is the ultimate Windows 10 laptop, and for good reason. Not only does this 13-inch super slim convertible look great, it’s packed full of top-end hardware and featuresUnlike past Surfaces, the Surface Book comes with a physical keyboard dock. It’s a massive step up from Type Covers because it has full size backlit keyboard and trackpad.The dock also has a custom hinge that’s designed to balance the Surface Book evenly, ensuring it doesn’t become top heavy like some laptop style hybrids can. However the dock’s biggest selling point lies under the hood. The dock features a secondary Nvidia graphics chip that promises to radically improve performance. It activates when you combine the tablet and dock sections and means the Surface Book can deal with tasks that would turn the Surface Pro 4 into a shuddery mess – like 3D modelling.However be warned, the chip isn’t powerful enough to play many current generation AAA games, like Rise of the Tomb Raider or Metal Gear Solid V.It’s not all new. The Surface Book’s comes with the same Surface Pen as the Surface Pro 4, and this is no bad thing.Based on NTRIG tech, the Surface Pen offers robust palm detection tech and over 1,000 pressure sensitivity levels.This, combined with the Surface Book’s robust graphics and Intel processor options, makes the Surface Book a great productivity aid for creative types regularly on the move.But there is room for improvement. While the 13.3-inch screen is very good, it covers a piddly 60% of the Adobe RGB colour space – a serious limitation for creative professionals.And the Surface Book is expensive. Very expensive. Even the basic Intel i5 configuration, which doesn’t have Nvidia graphics, costs £1,300 or $1,500. You have to spend at least £1,600, or $1,900, for the cheapest version with dedicated graphics, and even more for the i7 versions.If money is no object then the Surface Book arguably is the ultimate Windows 10 laptop, but not before you rule out Microsoft’s other Surfaces, or one of Dell’s stellar XPS laptops.

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