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All of which asks a significant question: why would you pay an additional £90 for the Audio Pro WF100 to do the same thing? Quite simply you wouldn't when doing the same thing. For those looking for wireless, same room audio streaming the A24GU is everything you'll need. Give yourself a pat on the back, count the cash saved and move on. The difference is the A24GU is limited. Stick to this scenario and you'll be fine, but for some their requirements will be greater.


Most notably Audio Pro's £150 WF100 has significantly better range than the A24GU – at least as good as WiFi - making it the solution for more stretched setups. In addition the A24GU streams from PC to output only. The WF100 is more flexible. Its TX100 transmitter also has a 3.5mm jack meaning it can receive input from virtually any audio source (MP3 player, mobile phone, radio, etc) and transmit that audio to the RX100 receiver. Admittedly the TX100 will need power (any USB port or USB AC adaptor), but it adds a handy string to its bow, especially when friends visit with their own music.

Another reason to bend the credit card further is the WF100's TX100 transmitter can stream audio to multiple RX100 receivers (sold separately for £85) creating that home-wide wireless network which is beyond the A24GU. The WF100's 'homecodes' system also allows either multiple setups not to clash or streaming to be switched to individual receivers by simply switching position frequency positions 1, 2 and 3 on the transmitter and receiver. Depending on how house proud you are, the WF100 also looks more stylish.


We were asked an excellent question: why would you pay £150 for wireless streaming audio when there is the option to stump up just £40? The verdict is: it depends entirely on your needs. Unless you live in a home with hollow walls the limited range of the A24GU means it is not the home-wide audio system it claims to be. On the other hand if you want a simple, in-room wireless streaming solution with lossless audio quality the A24GU is nothing less than an absolute bargain.

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  • Value 10


February 7, 2013, 9:51 am

Found the rx switches wireless of from my linksys 160n router.


October 11, 2013, 2:12 pm

When I used this device my connection to the internet would only work in the room where the hub was located. PCs in other rooms would not connect to the web. Tech call to BT says it is 'radio waves' from the device at fault. Had to stop using it.

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