Manfrotto 732CY tripod - Design and Features

By Cliff Smith



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Manfrotto 732CY tripod


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The design of the 732CY is much less bulky than the 190CXPRO4, with thinner triangular cross-section four-segment legs. The leg locks are plastic rather than the cast magnesium of the more expensive model, but are solidly made with metal pivots, and lock solidly in place. The levers are quick and easy to operate and it's possible to set the tripod up in just a few seconds.

The top casting and the upper leg ends are made from alloy, with a slim single-sided pivot design that is strong but light and compact. On the top of the legs is a bevelled rotating knob which allows the legs to be opened to two different angles, although unlike the 190CXPRO4 and other larger Manfrotto tripods the legs cannot open out to 90 degrees. The feet are simple rubber caps without even a grippy texture, and unlike the more expensive models there is no option to replace them with spikes or snow feet.

The centre column is made of aluminium rather than carbon fibre, and this too has a triangular cross section. It is held in position by the action of a lever on the side of the top casting, and moves freely when this is released, so be careful if you release it with a camera on top, because it will drop sharply. The centre column is relatively short, adding just 19cm to the extended height of the tripod. It can be removed and re-inserted upside-down if the rubber end-cap is prised off.

At full height the 732CY is 134.5cm tall, and folds down to a very compact 43.5cm long and less than 8cm in diameter at its thickest point. Minus the head it weighs just 950g, so even including the 220g 494 ball head this is a very slim and light tripod for its height, making it an ideal choice for travel and backpacking. It can support 3.5kg, while the 494 head is rated for 4kg, so it is capable of handling all but the biggest cameras.


May 1, 2012, 11:05 pm

This tripod is currently on sale at Jessops with the 3-way A3RC1 head for only £89.95 and in my view an absolute bargain. It feels to be a solid little tripod and ideal for travelling. We are off to China this Summer and it will be ideal to take for those special shots. I've replaced the head with a mini ball head and it takes my D300 with 18-200 very solidly. Highly recommended.

Mario Carvajal

December 31, 2012, 2:22 pm

I have this tripod 3 years ago. The weight is ideal for travel and trekking. My camera is Nikon D700 + 10.5 fisheye. I use this combination because my work is take 360 pictures. For this, I use R1 pano head of Nodal Ninja. This combinations is very heavy for this tripod. However, for me is ideal because the weight of the tripod is a critical factor in my work. In this picture, I used this tripod in a picture of Caño Cristales in Colombia: I recommend this great tripod of Manfrotto!

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