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Magimix Le Toaster 4



Magimix Le Toaster 4


Key Features

  • Defrost function
  • Four slice toaster
  • Single side toasting
  • Manufacturer: Magimix
  • Review Price: £165.00

Magimix Le Toaster 4

Although there’s no denying that the Magimix Le Toaster 4 is an expensive toaster, in this case you’re paying for lots of functions and capacities that other toasters simply won’t have — although the Magimix name will bump up the price, it also bumps up capability.

For example it’s difficult to find a toaster that can toast a wider range of breaded items. The variable width, which most modern toasters have nowadays, makes it fine to toast slices of bread that differ wildly in thickness but you can also fit and toast bagels, teacakes, brioche, waffles and even baguettes in the Magimix Le Toaster 4 because it has extra long and extra wide slots. It’s then easy to get these items out with the high-lift function.

Not only can you toast these breaded items, you can also take advantage of the Magimix Le Toaster 4’s defrost and re-heat capabilities meaning not only will you never have to put up with cold toast again, but if you like freezing bread when you buy it, you can be confident that’ll you’ll be able to defrosted it for use in sandwiches within minutes. You can also set the machine so that it’ll only toast one side, which is useful for making cheese on toast.

The Magimix Le Toaster 4 has four slots, but you can also just use two if you like. It’s easy to use because each button only has one function, and using these one function buttons you can accurately control how brown the toast will be. It toasts well and there’s a warming rack to toast buns, too.

With a range of finishes that ensure there is an option that will fit with your kitchen setup, the only real problems with the Magimix Le Toaster 4 are that it takes a while and a strong arm to push the level down so the unit locks in place and starts toasting.