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May 26, 2017, 2:39 pm

Have you actually used this fetid abomination that is the 2016 MacBook "Pro"? Here's an honest review:

The screen contrast/black point, Touch ID and the quality of the audio DAC are the only redeeming factors (ironic, considering Apple has a newfound allergy to audiojacks). Performance is marginally better than my previous (maxed out 2015 15" MBP). Peanuts, really. Connectivity is impossible without hubs and dongles, which still render some of my peripherals unusable. In fact, one of my external hard drives is toast, because who knew plugging into AC can cause a surge into the connected hub. No Magsafe and only a pathetic whimper to indicate charging. The touchbar is a silly gimmick, either left alone or causing various errors because I'm used to rest my fingers on the F-key row (and no, Apple, I don't want to activate Siri on OSX, not now and not ever). The jumbo trackpad is nonsense, and the palm rejection often fails leading to errors when using keyboard shortcuts.

Battery? What battery? It's over in less than 3h. I've already had to return my first 2016 MBP due to incessant kernel panic errors, and my second often randomly creaks at the hinges. The keyboard took a learning curve and I have to turn my hands into claws to avoid the touchbar and trackpad for the previous reasons (when not ditching altogether for a third party keyboard at least). The screens in our office are incompatible and won't run on native resolution. I get RAM alerts and beachballs often.

Couldn't care less about slimness and lightness. I'd rather have ports, battery and 32GB RAM. I use it for work, not to look upwardly mobile at Starbucks.

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