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While performance is a factor which could be laid as easily to rest on the shoulders of Microsoft as Logitech, the good news (for both companies) is the T650 works very well. Installation is a seamless experience (both on Windows 7 and 8) with the T650 paired and up and running without drivers, while the optional Logitech Setpoint software is downloaded and installed automatically – as long as you give it the go-ahead. Given Setpoint allows you to create custom gestures it is worth having, though Windows 8 gestures are natively supported without it.

Key to Windows 8's marketing campaign is that it will run as fast, if not faster than Windows 7 and this certainly seemed true on the desktop, laptop and Ultrabook machines we tested it on. As you might expect in its desktop mode the shortcuts are handy, but in the Modern UI (Microsoft really needs a better name) it comes into its own. This is partially because the experience is extremely smooth and responsive, but perhaps equally because using a keyboard and mouse (or standard laptop touchpad) is fairly jarring.

We would also argue that the T650 will get more useful over time. This is because Modern UI apps are fairly thin on the ground so you don't spend as much time in this part of the OS as you likely will 6/12 months down the line. Again this is a Windows 8 issue, not one that can be leveled at the T650, but it is worth considering. On the flip side the T650 is a real show stopper to pull out during business presentations and pitches when your laptop may be some distance away, connected to a projector. The same is true in a home environment when your laptop or desktop is connected to a TV.

Where we do have cause for complaint is the T650's battery life. One week with fairly heavy use is reasonable, but the pad needs to be switched off between uses to attain this and it is nowhere near the stamina of wireless mice where battery life is quoted in months and sometimes up to a year. SetPoint will indicate the T650's battery level, but you'd be wise to take a cable with you on holidays or lengthy business trips - thank god it's a standard microUSB one.


A further area for concern is pricing. The build quality of the T650 cannot be questioned, its performance is essentially flawless and its battery life may not be a deal breaker, but with numerous similar trackpads no doubt on their way the £70 price tag is high. With time spent in the Modern UI likely to be short in Windows 8's early months those on a budget may be wise to wait for rivals to launch.


In many ways Logitech has done everything that could be asked of it with the T650 touchpad. It is beautifully made, looks stylish and works flawlessly. It is also durable enough to be carried around with you without concern. That said battery life could be better and it flourishes most in Windows 8's Modern UI which won't be used by most 3rd party software for some time. As such a £70 price tag is asking a lot. We like the T650 a great deal, but unless cost is not an issue we'd suggest waiting to see how rivals shape up.

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  • Build Quality 9
  • Design 9
  • Features 8
  • Performance 8
  • Usability 9
  • Value 6

Carlos Blanco

January 23, 2013, 10:29 am

Umm... truth is that it only makes the same moves as a mouse does,
When using it in a page that with functionality of a touch screen does nothing, gestures like zooming with two fingers going away or close just zooms the browser instead of zooming the content, ie: a picture suposed to zoom, not the entire browser, maps: suposed to zoom the map, not the entire browser. This mouse is a joke (I have it and belive me, is dumb).


January 31, 2013, 5:20 pm

I'm curious how you were able to customize the gestures. I bought this touchpad because it promised customization, but there are no customization options in the SetPoint software other than to disable certain gestures.


February 17, 2013, 4:01 pm

You say: and four rubberized feet sunken into the trackpad rather than simply stuck on. So far, so good.

I say: the two bottom feet are BUTTONS!!!!!! Have you not seen that in your review? Without that bottom left button there is no drag feature.


September 30, 2013, 4:33 pm

Not satisfied only basic functions are covered this pad is going to go back to Logitech.
Not for example rotating in a 3D application.
This is not a replacement for the mouse for 3D artists.

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