Logik LTL55S10



  • Large capacity
  • Ample shelving
  • Energy efficient


  • Outside panelling is easily damaged
  • Salad crisper is awkward to open
  • Narrow door shelving

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Key Features: 240 litre capacity; Auto defrost option; A Class energy efficiency rating

Manufacturer: Logik

Logik LTL55S10

The Logik LTL55S10 is a tall, slim upright fridge, with plenty of useful design features.

The LTL55S10 is a family-sized fridge, with a 240 litre capacity, which, whilst not the largest fridge out there, will happily suit the needs of the average household. The fridge has four shelves, which can be adjusted in height in case taller items need to be stored or even removed for the times when you need to store something exceptionally big.

In the bottom of the fridge there are three salad crispers for extra space to keep fruit and vegetables nice and fresh. Three salad crispers is a good amount, more than you’d get in most fridges. There’s also extra storage in the door — shelves that you can put milk, drinks, jam jars and the like in.

The fridge is built with an automatic defrost, so that there won’t be any build up of frost to deal with and you won’t have to waste ages trying to defrost it yourself. The internal controls are nice and easy to use — no running back and forth to the manual.

This fridge is energy efficient, with a high rating of A. This means it won’t guzzle electricity and you’ll be able to save on electricity bills. It also runs quietly at only 40db, making it fairly unobtrusive in the kitchen and suitable for people with an open plan living area. The outside looks rather fetching, with a stylish silver colour, a narrow profile, and an integrated flush handle. It’s all very minimalist.

Unfortunately, this fridge does lose some marks on design - the outside tends to scuff and dent quite easily, the salad crispers do not pull out very easily and the door shelves are fairly narrow compared to rivalling models. If these points do not bother you, however, and you are looking for large capacity at a low price, this is definitely a fridge worth considering.