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Logik L16VCR10



Logik L16VCR10


Key Features

  • Cable rewind function
  • 2 litre capacity
  • HEPA filter
  • Manufacturer: Logik
  • Review Price: free/subscription

Logik L16VCR10

This sledge shaped vacuum cleaner is extremely small. Whilst that’s not great for cleaning large areas, if you’ve only got a small flat and need something that can just run around the floor before being packed away under a bed or in a small cupboard, then the Logik L16VCR10 could be perfect. It’s also really light so can be carried from place to place easily — or even outside to clean your car.

With an extendable metallic hose the Logik L16VCR10 can get to those hard to reach areas such as ceiling corners, although it’s only long enough to reach halfway up the stairs. Adding to this, a handy cable rewind function means you don’t have to spend ages pulling and winding the cable once you’ve finished cleaning.

Producing impressive results when cleaning things like the join between stairs, the corners of rooms and skirting boards — the L16VCR10's small head attachment makes it particularly good at getting in to all those tiny, awkward little spaces other vacuum cleaners can’t get to. The different heads make the Logik L16VCR10 good at cleaning all surfaces, whether they’re carpeted, tiled, laminated or wooden.

Further bolstering the device's ease of use, the Logik L16VCR10 is bagless, so to empty its two litre capacity you only have to tip it in the bin. This makes it much quicker than messing about with changing bags. It’s also cleaner and more hygienic as there is little risk of getting the dust over yourself or of breathing it in. With the HEPA filter, which prevents particles of dust and pollen from escaping the cleaner once it’s been sucked in, this means the Logik L16VCR10 is very good for people with asthma or dust allergies.

There’s no getting away from the Logik L16VCR10's stumbling block, however, with the otherwise impressive vacuum featuring just 1400 watts of power, which really isn’t that powerful. If you have deep pile carpets or want to clean something like a cream carpet, the Logik L16VCR10 just isn’t going to cut it. It also has a very poor build quality. But with a cleaner of this price, what else can you expect?