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8 Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners

Andy Vandervell


Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners

Good lightweight vacuum cleaners are surprisingly hard to find. There are plenty around, but many are only light because they're actually rubbish, not by clever design. We've picked out the best we've tested to save you being duped.

How light is 'lightweight'?

This is an important but tricky question to answer. Everyone's view will differ slightly, but we've defined lightweight to be any vacuum cleaner that tips the scales below or around 5kg. While some weigh closer to 2kg or so, we chose 5kg because it's half as much as the heaviest we've tested.

Many top-end uprights and larger cylinder vacuums weigh in the region of 8kg, while one we tested tipped the scales at a faintly ridiculous 9.7kg. Of course, weight doesn't always mean a cleaner that's easy to use or move around, but 5kg or less is light enough for most people to carry.

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Corded or cordless?

There's a mixture of corded and cordless in our lightweight vacuum cleaner list, but which should you choose? The cordless models are by far the lightest, so if being as light as possible is all you really care about then a cordless vac is what you need.

But there are couple of things to consider first. All the cordless models are bagless, which means you might prefer a corded model if you suffer from allergies. Moreover, while the best cordless vacuums clean very well, most aren't as powerful as a corded model.

All our full reviews feature visual comparisons, though, so you can see the difference and decide for yourself.

This Week's Best Lightweight Vacuum Deals

Vax Air Cordless Lift U85-ACLG-B at Amazon.co.uk | Was £299 | Now £124

Vax Air Cordless Lift U85-ACLG-B at Amazon.com | Was $299 | Now $220

e. black

January 10, 2017, 9:21 pm

a little surprised that the Shark Rocket Ultra-Light vacuum (hv302) wasn't included in this comparison as well?. we have the full sized dyson but for Christmas wanted a lighter vacuum so picked up the shark. nothing wrong with our dyson, just a bit cumbersome to haul all over the house.

we didn't expect much from the shark thinking it would work on par with other ultra-light models we've had in the past. boy were we wrong. not only did it cost a lot less but it works in my opinion nearly as good as the big dyson.

the surprising power from the small motor is something only made possibly by recent tech innovations, rare earth elements, stronger magnets,..amazing how much things have advanced over the course of just a few years. the only thing going for the larger dyson as opposed to the much smaller shark is the size of the dust bucket.

so the shark is something to consider when looking. fyi we got her shark on cyber monday so it cost even less, a little over a hundred bucks for the corded version.

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