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LG Smart TV - LG Cloud and Verdict

John Archer

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LG Smart TV


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LG Smart TV 2013 - The LG Cloud

The last feature to discuss in this review is a nifty innovation from LG that we’re sure others will adopt at some point: the LG Cloud.

This provides 5GB of free storage space to which you can upload videos, photos and songs so that you can access them from any of your connected devices – including LG’s new Smart TVs – without needing to connect other hardware sources. The system is even clever enough that if you stop streaming something from the cloud onto your Smart device it will resume from the point you left off if you start playing it on your TV. This is a great way of taking the ‘hardware connection’ step out of sharing your content.

LG 2013 Smart TV system

How does the LG Smart TV system compare?

While we’re not sure many people would buy a TV solely on the basis of its Smart TV offering, there’s no doubt that LG’s 2013 Smart TV engine is a compelling option that certainly adds to the appeal of LG’s TVs.

The Magic Remote proves to be the best alternative navigation system we’ve seen this year (trouncing the touchpad remotes of Samsung and Panasonic); LG’s TV Remote app is well-featured and elegantly executed; and its onscreen interface is elegantly and efficiently designed, as well as being customisable.

In an ideal world LG would offer more of the UK’s terrestrial catch-up TV services and its TV Remote app would offer greater feature parity across Android devices. But the platform remains a great effort overall.


Although it’s not as sophisticated or ambitious in feature terms as Samsung’s latest Smart TV system, and could do with being more selective with its apps, LG’s latest Smart TV offering is brilliantly user friendly, easy to personalise, and much more stable than LG smart systems of the past.

In fact, thanks in particular to the brilliant Magic Remote control system, LG’s new Smart TV service is up there with Panasonic’s wonderfully friendly My Home Screen system at the top of our 2013 Smart TV league table.

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