LG RC9011



LG RC9011


Key Features

  • 9kg drum capacity
  • Sensor drying
  • B Class energy efficiency rating
  • Manufacturer: LG
  • Review Price: £569.00

LG RC9011

If you’re a regular user of your tumble dryer and want something that’s going to stand up to regular use, check out the LG RC9011. LG has a history of making really good appliances, and this extends to the LG RC9011. It has a 9kg drum capacity, which is massive and means you can dry huge amounts of washing in one go — less running back and forth to the dryer for you.

To dry these clothes, you can select from a huge range of programmes and temperature controls. You won’t have to worry about clothes shrinking in a too-hot dryer with the LG RC9011 as you can specifically select a lower temperature. There are seven options to add to these programmes, including a child lock and a mode that saves energy.

But for the times you’re feeling lazy, the Sensor Dry system analyses the washing and figures out how long it needs to dry for and how hot it should be. You always get the right settings but you don’t have to put any effort whatsoever into getting them. What’s more the Sensor Dry features ensure you won’t waste energy on drying clothes that are already dry, which is good for your electricity bill.

Another handy feature on the LG RC9011 is the unit’s display that shows you how long a cycle has left. It has an energy efficiency rating of B, which is good for such a large washing machine and means the LG RC9011 won’t guzzle energy as you use it.

A quiet machine that won’t rattle or vibrate as it’s drying, the LG RC9011 won’t disturb you when it’s working. It feels nicely built and solid — you don’t feel like you’re using something flimsy. All the programmes do make it a bit complicated to use, though, and the cycles are quite long — however this is the norm for most appliances nowadays. Overall, it’s a good appliance and worth its expensive price tag.